In a recent Facebook Live broadcast, I asked sports memorabilia icon Brandon Steiner what he thought the XFL needed to do to succeed. His unprompted answer made me happy to hear that he and I had the same idea. He suggested that the league should be focusing on venues with 25,000-35,000 seat capacities in cities that don’t have as much competition for sports fandom. I followed up with suggesting two cities they should perhaps look into, home of his alma mater Syracuse University, & Fargo, North Dakota. He responded that they were exactly what he was talking about. …

Ever since Vince McMahon took the stage to announce that the XFL would be coming back the most popular topic among fans and observers has been predicting where teams will play. On every fan site, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere thXFL is discussed you’ll see fans hoping their hometown team stay in 2022 or presenting their case for why their city deserves a team.

In this article we will examine what the XFL ought to do both if the league partners with the Canadian Football or it doesn’t. None of the Canadian teams will be relocated or change stadiums…

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I remember waking up on Sunday, February 9, 2020 with a sense of a new chapter beginning that day. Pulling into MetLife Stadium seeing tailgate tents, cornhole, the smoke of grills, it all reminded me of my college Saturdays down south. Never being a real follower of the NFL, there was the feeling that this was truly something different, and it was. It. Was. The. XFL!

Sadly it ended just as quickly as it began. A pandemic that has & continues to turn the world upside down brought the XFL’s momentum to a screeching halt. Getting the email that the…

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A Browns loss to Pittsburgh, a Dolphins loss to Buffalo, a Ravens loss to Cincinnati, or a Titans loss to Houston. That, in addition to a win over the one-win Jaguars, was all the Indianapolis Colts needed to reach the postseason.

One team out of four losing may seem likely but with the Steelers resting key starters and the Ravens playing a must-win game of their own against the lowly Bengals, there certainly was hesitation and cause for concern in Indianapolis.

But then, the Buffalo Bills steamrolled the division rival Dolphins and set the stage. Going into their 4:25 EST…

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Vanderbilt University football. A program currently sitting at the bottom of the standings in the Southeastern Conference in the 2020 college football season. They were winless on the year, and on the brink of firing their head coach during this COVID-ridden season after several poor performances. With their starting kicker opting out of the 2020 season, and other kickers on the roster out due to covid contact tracing, the Commodores of Vanderbilt had little to no options for their kicking duties for the upcoming November 28th game against Missouri.

Enter Sarah Fuller, the Vanderbilt women’s soccer goalie, and was given…

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Much has been made in recent years in regards to the ever evolving offseason in Major League Baseball. From valued commodities like Bryce Harper signing late in the winter, to experienced veterans like Adam Jones being kicked to the curb, the state of baseball’s offseason is unlike any we’ve ever seen. These unprecedented changes are about to get even weirder and more severe. Amidst a global pandemic, organizations will be forced to garner new, even more financially savvy strategies. The Cleveland Indians are increasingly likely to move franchise cornerstone Francisco Lindor, rather than dishing out a hefty extension, while the…

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Three 11-win seasons. Three New Year’s 6 Bowl Appearances. Three Top 10 Finishes.

Overall, Penn State Football is in the midst of a remarkable run that began back in 2016; a run that was almost entirely unfathomable in the years following one of the largest scandals in the history of collegiate sports. While Penn State did not receive “the death penalty”, it was left decimated and, to many, it seemed as if the program would never be able to recapture its past glory. And so, in the grand scheme of things, what the Nittany Lions have achieved over the past…

Whitey Ford, Last Remaining Hero of the Yankees Golden Age, Passes at Age 91

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As I learned about Whitey Ford’s passing on the morning of my birthday, October 9th, I was already stressed and anxious about the Yankees. They were getting ready to face the Tampa Bay Rays in a winner-take-all game in the ALDS, and I was balancing confidence with nerves. As my wife and I drove through the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs (prior to knowing about Ford’s death), I found myself thinking about the old southpaw. I had spent the previous…

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Well, we’ve made it… the unorthodox sixty game sprint has reached its conclusion and now, the real fun begins.

Just days into the 2020 MLB season, the Miami Marlins provided a wake-up call to the rest of the league, in the form of an outbreak of COVID-19. This outbreak caused numerous postponements and rendered necessary a meeting between the league and its thirty owners to decide the fate of the potentially short-lived 2020 campaign. On July 27th it seemed as if baseball was doomed and the season would reach a much too premature ending.

But now, here we are on…

Yankees Stumbling into Playoffs as they Face Identity Crisis

Gio Urshela watches as the ball bounces off Monte Harrison following Kyle Higashioka’s errant throw in the 10th inning Friday. Source:

In extra innings, with a free go-ahead runner on third, the Miami Marlins’ trade deadline pickup Starling Marte hit a hard ground ball to Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres. Torres, not known for fielding prowess, fielded the ball cleanly with a throw home that was just as sharp. The Yankees had trapped speedster Monte Harrison in a run-down that seemed like a guaranteed out until catcher Kyle Higashioka threw the ball into Harrison’s back. Higashioka had chased Harrison most of the way back to third base, and seemingly had a clear lane…

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